Managed WordPress

What is Managed WordPress?

With The Site Hosting Co., consider our Managed WordPress Hosting solution as your personal concierge, available when you need us, minding the details so you never have to.

Our founder, Fred Sessoms, has been doing WordPress since its beginning in 2003. “I took a long look at what the competition in the Managed WordPress business was offering, knowing we could do better,” Sessoms said. “At all levels – pricing, services included, and expert support, we cannot be beat,” he concluded.

What We Offer:

  • Price – We’re $19.95 per month, payable monthly or annually – your choice. No add-on fees, everything is included. No long term contracts, cancel anytime.
  • Number of Sites – 1 to 5, it’s up to you. This means you can have up to five domains with WordPress installations hosted with us under one account for $19.95 per month.
  • Storage – We provide a hefty 15GB of storage space for all your files and databases – no one else comes close.
  • Monthly Site Visits – Site visits are defined as those with unique IP’s, and search “bots” such as Google should not count. We do not limit monthly site visits, as does our competition. We do not believe in throttling your success!
  • Support – If you ever need us, we’ll be here! 24/7 phone, text and ticket support and online chat if you wish.
  • Site Migration – Already have a WordPress site hosted elsewhere and ready to move to The Site Hosting Co.? No problem, we’ll do it, our pleasure. And, most sites can and will be migrated same day – you pick the date!
  • SSL – Certificates by Let’s Encrypt are included and we ensure renewals.
  • WordPress Installations – We’ll install the latest version of WordPress for you. If you prefer, through your provided Control Panel, we offer a one-click install.
  • WordPress Updates – We do the updates, your site will always have the most current version of WordPress including security updates.
  • Theme Installation – We’ll install the WordPress theme of your choice. Can’t decide which theme? We’ll be happy to make recommendations and we also have many themes from our curated list of top designers available for free.
  • Plugin Installation – We’ll install your plugins, just tell us what you want. Not sure? Ask us for recommendations, that’s what were here for.
  • Plugin Updates – Yes, when needed and upon request, we’ll update your plugins to ensure your site is running smoothly.
  • Plugin Limits – Unlike our competitors, we’re not going to tell you how to run your business. Feel free to install any reputable plugin, and as many as you need.
  • Site Backups – We backup your sites and databases daily. Need a copy of your backup? No problem, we’ll send you a zip file.
  • Site Restore – Ever make a bunch of changes to your site you regret, or maybe deleted things you shouldn’t have? No worries, we can restore your site back to where it was. We’ve got your back!
  • Email Accounts – Yes, they’re unlimited with us and easy to setup in your Control Panel. Or, we’ll set them up for you, our pleasure.
  • WP-CLI – (WordPress Command Line Interface) is configured and available for your use.
  • MySQL Databases – Unlimited, establish what you need and easily manage through phpMyAdmin provided in your Control Panel.
  • Control Panel – Yes, configured for your use and convenience with a secure login.
  • Staging Site – We provide an environment where you can build and test your site before going live to the public. When you are done with the polish, one click will get you online.
  • Performance Reporting – We provide monthly reports to give you a comprehensive look at how your site is doing. Where needed, we’ll give you recommendations for improvement.
  • Uptime Monitor – No guessing as to whether your site is up and available to the public. If your site goes down, for whatever reason, you’ll be notified – instantly via email, text, or phone.
  • Site Security – You’re safe with us. Our servers are maintained around the clock and are enterprise grade secure.

How Do We Stack-up? Compare:

Managed WordPress Hosting

Features:The Site Hosting CoWP EngineKinstaSynthesisPressableSiteGroundDreamHostHostGatorBlueHostMedia Temple
Price (Monthly)19.9529.00100.0047.0020.833.9516.957.9519.9920.00
Number of Sites5111511112
Site Visits (Monthly)Unmetered25,000Unmetered300,00060,00010,000Unknown100,000100 Million250,000
SupportOnline Chat - Available, Phone - 24/7, Ticket - 24/7Online Chat - 24/7, Phone - No, Ticket - NoOnline Chat - 24/7. Phone - No, Ticket - 24/7Online Chat - No, Phone - No, Ticket - 24/7Online Chat - No, Phone - No, Ticket - YesOnline Chat, Phone, Ticket - 24/7Online Chat - No, Phone - No, Ticket - YesOnline Chat - 24/7, Phone - No, Ticket - YesOnline Chat - Available, Phone - No, Ticket - 24/7Online Chat, Phone, Ticket - 24/7
Site Migration1No1NoNo1No1NoNo
WordPress InstallYes - 5NoNoNoNoYes - 1NoNoNoNo
WordPress UpdatesYesNoNoNoYesYesYesNoNoNo
Theme InstallYesNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
Plugin InstallYesNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
Plugin UpdatesYesNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
Plugin LimitationsNoYesNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
Email AccountsUnlimitedNoNoNoNoYesNoUnlimitedNoNo
MySQL DatabasesUnlimited1115Unlimited1112
CloudFlare CDNYesNoNoNoNoYesNoNoNoNo
Uptime MonitorYesNoNoYesNoNoNoNoNoNo
Control PanelYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Staging SiteYesYesYesNoYesNoNoNoNoNo
Performance ReportingYesNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
All brand names are trademarks of their respective owners. All prices, plans, and options listed are what has been publicly disclosed as of October 21, 2017. Prices and features are subject to change without notice.
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